Crimson Fields


To play Crimson Fields you need version 1.1.5 or later of the SDL toolkit and SDL_ttf. For sound and networking support, you also need the SDL_mixer and SDL_net libraries from the same site.

The game has been developed and tested on Intel architecture under Linux, but it shouldn't be too hard to make it compile for other operating systems as well. So far, Crimson Fields has been reported to work on Linux, *BSD, MacOS X, Solaris, BeOS, and Microsoft Windows.


You can select one of the releases below or get Crimson Fields directly from CVS.

User-contributed packages

  • Latest FreeBSD port at (supplied by Jan Stocker).
  • Latest OpenBSD port at (supplied by Jolan Luff).
  • Latest NetBSD port at (supplied by Thomas Klausner).
  • Files for Debian GNU/Linux are available here (maintained by Uwe Hermann).
  • Latest ArchLinux package (supplied by Alexej Magura).
  • Windows installer (0.5.1, SDL libraries included, maintained by Silvio Iaccarino).
  • MacOS X binaries (0.5.2, SDL libraries included, OS X 10.2 or higher, built by Silvio Iaccarino), or use the port provided by DarwinPorts.
  • Linux Mandrake packages are available in the contrib directory of your favourite Mandrake mirror (thanks to Guillaume Rousse).
  • RPMs for Fedora and Red Hat are provided by the folks at (thanks to Phillip Compton).
  • BeOS binaries can be found at BeBits (thanks to Michael Pfeiffer).
  • Binary packages for the Sharp Zaurus and the Nokia 770 at (maintained by Uwe Koch).
  • Binary package for WindowsCE smartphones (ported by Andreas Fiedler).
  • Binary package for PocketPCs (ported by Silvio Iaccarino).
  • Binary package for Palm OS 5 (ported by Henk Jonas).
  • Binary package for the iStation V43 (created by Puthirak Om).
  • Binary package for the GP2X.
  • Binary package for Symbian phones (S60v3 and UIQ3) (ported by Lars).
  • Binary package for Maemo (ported by Mikko Vartiainen).
  • Binary package for the Dreamcast (ported by IberDC).
  • Binary package for the AROS Research Operating System (ported by Matthias Rustler).
  • Binary package for the Pandora Handheld (ported by Mark Uitterdijk).



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