Crimson Fields

The outcome of the war lies in your hands. You decide which units are sent to the front lines, and when to unleash the reserves. Your mission objectives range from defending strategically vital locations to simply destroying all enemy forces in the area. Protect supply convoys or raid enemy facilities to uncover technological secrets or fill your storage bays so you can repair damaged units or build new ones in your own factories. Lead your troops to victory!

Crimson Fields is a turn-based tactical war game. It can be played against a human opponent in hot-seat mode in front of the same machine, over a network, or via e-mail, or against the computer.

The game comes with tools for creating custom maps and campaigns, and a converter for maps from the classic games Battle Isle and History Line.

Crimson Fields is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).



Mark Uitterdijk has ported the game to the Pandora Handheld.


Thanks to Matthias Rustler for porting Crimson Fields to the AROS. Research Operating System.


Some Spanish guys have now ported Crimson Fields to the Dreamcast.


We have a couple of new ports. Lars has made available a version for Symbian phones, and Mikko Vartiainen has ported Crimson Fields to Nokia's Maemo. Two steps closer to world domination...


Crimson Fields 0.5.3 released (NEWS). Just a small bug fix and the beginnings of a Turkish translation.


Silvio has done it again! This time he ported the game to MacOS X (again). Since the old port was rather outdated, I'm sure that's a welcome addition to the family. Thanks, Silvio!


Crimson Fields 0.5.2 released (NEWS). Only minor cosmetical changes and a complete French translation this time around.


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